About Us

Bringing the Art of Jewellery to You!

Jewellery is an artform that can be worn and changed depending on your mood, fashion sense and identity. As a form of adornment its been known to exist since the prehistoric age where artifacts made of stones, shells, feathers and bones have been discovered.

Silver has been used as far back as the Bronze Age, 4000 BC by silversmiths of what we now know as Turkey. We bring the modern version of this ancient artform to you from the comfort of your home.

Silver is our medium of choice, as it is beautiful and strong and so versatile. We will also offer silver that is gold plated and jewellery pieces studded in gemstones.

Whether your expression takes the form of clothing, make-up, tattoos or jewellery it’s important to show your truth. Jewellery can help you showcase the inner you. Jewellery can help express an attitude, convey an interest, be a reflection of a time in your life, help you honour the past and embrace your present, it can even empower or motivate you toward your future. Jewellery has been worn for spiritual affinity. Or it can just be FUN! Not everything in life has to be so serious.

Jewellery really is The Art of You!

Our Company

We are Canadian! A family owned and run business that’s based on a history of jewellers and metal art workers. Louro and Silver Jewellery is an online store selling our products to Canadians. We offer high quality silver jewellery as well as limited gold plated pieces for adults, at reasonable Canadian prices, delivered to you. All our gemstones are natural such as amethysts, citrines, aquamarines, zircons, turquoise, quartz, agate and so much more. Louro and Silver Jewellery provides our clients with creative and well made jewellery sourced from all over the world. Satisfaction guaranteed. Louro and Silver Jewellery aims to give shoppers an easy online experience that feels personal to you, our valued client.

Yes, this is an online store, so if you want make your purchase and be done, great. However, it very important to us to keep the lines of communication open. Our team is here to help and we want to hear from you. A personal connection is possible even through an online purchase so if you want to reach out, we are here to answer your questions. You can reach us through our Contact Us page.

We are building on the stellar reputation of our other family run business Louro and Son Jewellers, a brick and mortar store specializing in unique, award winning one of a kind pieces. The store is in Toronto, Ontario. But we want Louro and Silver Jewellery to stand alone and be more accessible to Canadians through online shopping and, specializing in silver. Our jewellery is made of sterling silver, S925, and may be treated with rhodium or chromium to help minimizing tarnishing. We also have untreated pieces that are deliberately “shadowed” which just means it naturally shades for a deliberate aged appearance, or to give a piece greater depth. Our yellow or rose gold are plated. This means the piece is made of silver and then is coated in yellow or rose gold. And, as mentioned above, some of our rings, necklaces, pendant, earrings and bracelets will have natural gemstone.

Living and operating in our wonderful Canada has afforded us the availability of a global design team, but our family is the heart and soul of the business. That’s why we will be giving back to the planet that gives us this beautiful silver and the amazing gemstones used in our jewellery. As Louro and Silver Jewellery is a new venture we are still ironing out the details, but are partnering with a few organizations that are all about nature. We are very excited and will update the website with the information as it’s finalized.

Fun fact, Louro means gold or golden, so jewellery is literally in our blood.

Who We Are

Marie Louro

Owner and Operator

Image representing her favourite piece of our current collection

Rick Cordeiro

Chief Information Officer

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Aislyn Louro

Graphic Designer

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Reece Louro


Image representing his favourite piece of our current collection

Poseidan Louro

Assistant to the
Owner and Operator

Bow Cordeiro

Assistant to the