How to Determine Ring Size

Diameter (mm)

  • Take a ring you or the person you are buying for already owns.
  • Measure the diameter, inside of the ring, from one side to the other. See image.
  • Use the Ring Sizing Chart to find your size.

Circumference (mm)

  • Wrap a strip of paper, or thin string, around your finger just above the knuckle. Mark the point at which the two ends meet.
  • Measure the paper or string from end to end to find the circumference.
  • Use the Ring Sizing Chart to find your size.

Please Note:

Some sizes may not be available in every style. We strive to have a wide variety of sizing for each ring, but it will depend on our wonderful suppliers.

Ring Sizing Chart

Ring SizeDiameter (mm)
Measurement Inside Ring
Circumference (mm)
Measurement Around Finger
414.9 mm46.8 mm
4.515.3 mm48.0 mm
515.7 mm49.3 mm
5.516.1 mm50.6 mm
616.5 mm51.9 mm
6.516.9 mm53.1 mm
717.3 mm54.4 mm
7.517.7 mm55.7 mm
818.1 mm57.0 mm
8.518.5 mm58.3 mm
919.0 mm59.5 mm
9.519.4 mm60.8 mm
1019.8 mm62.1 mm
10.520.2 mm63.4 mm
1120.6 mm64.6 mm
11.521.0 mm65.9 mm
1221.4 mm67.2 mm
12.521.8 mm68.5 mm
1322.2 mm69.7 mm
13.522.6 mm71.0 mm
1423.0 mm72.3 mm
14.523.4 mm73.6 mm
1523.8 mm74.8 mm