Jewellery Gift Box

Each item from each category will receive a luxurious gift box! For example: a ring will go in a ring gift box, bracelet in a bracelet box, bangles, earrings, pendants/charms, and our variety of chains each have gift boxes specific to their dimensions and needs. Louro and Silver Jewellery lovely, lux, gift boxes are fabric on the outside and selected materials, such as satins and other opulent finishes inside. A magnetic lid ads security for the item and it’s just cool. Gift boxes are free, but if a client buys, for example, 3 bracelets that can all be beautifully displayed and safely shipped in one box that will be our go to option. If you need one box for each item, they are here for you free. Just let us know by email at as we do not want to send you gift boxes you don’t need or want. One step to cut back on unnecessary waste.