Wearing and Caring For Your Beautiful New Jewellery

Jewellery is an beautiful and versatile form of adornment. It can be matched to your sense of style, change with your mood, the seasons, or even with sentiments past or present. As an artform it can bring out the inner you and showcase your uniqueness. So, it is important to take good care of your jewellery so it will last for a very long time and can even be passed on through generations.

All metals can tarnish, not just silver, which is a discolouration due to a chemical reaction to the air, moisture and even the natural oils of the skin. Plated jewellery may fade over time. The following information will help keep your jewellery looking new.

How to wear and care for your silver, gold plated, and gem studded jewellery.


Remove jewellery when in contact with water, including hand washing, showering, swimming and cleaning. It would be ideal to remove jewellery before exercising or heaving work to avoid the sweat and oils produced by the body.

Chemicals found in bleach or chlorine can corrode your silver, fade plated gold, and damage gemstones.

Perfume, cologne and body/hand lotions have properties that can damage your jewellery. It is crucial for jewellery to be put on after you put on these products and they have dried on your skin.

Pro Tip: Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on before you leave your dressing area and the first thing you take off when you get ready for bed.


We recommend cleaning your jewellery after each wear. It may sound like a lot but can be as simple as using a soft cloth or cotton pad (depending on the metal type) to give the piece a wipe down. This will prolong the longevity of the metals and gems. Every time a piece of jewellery is worn, its exposed it to the air, chemicals, dirt and the natural oils and sweat of the body. Giving the item a gentle clean will ensure it looks great for many years.


  • Use a polish cloth to give jewellery a gentle wipe, if that’s not enough
  • Use a mild soap and water with a soft brush such as a baby brush/toothbrush and use very light gentle strokes
  • Use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth to dry the jewellery thoroughly
  • Finalize with a polishing or jeweller’s cloth for a buffing, if that’s not enough
  • Use a silver cleaner but keep in mind some cleaners can have chemicals that can damage gemstones or skin; follow directions carefully

Pro Tip: If using a cleaning product, do not allow jewellery to soak.
Pro Tip: Do not clean under running water, or in a sink, as small pieces can be lost down drains.

Plated Golds

  • As with silver, it is important to clean items after each wear. However, do not use a polish cloth.
  • Use cotton balls or cotton pads to wipe the plated jewellery
  • Use a jewellery cloth to wipe the plated jewellery
  • Use a mild soap and water and allow a quick soak if needed, approximately 5 minutes, and dry with cotton or jeweller’s cloth. No brushes.
  • Avoid jewellery cleaner as it can strip the gold plate, tarnish or fade it.

Pro Tip: Do not use any jewellery cleaners on your plated jewellery. Do not use a brush. Take the item to a jeweller you trust for a professional cleaning. If you are in the GTA, Ontario, check out Louro and Sons Jewellers for dependable service.


It’s important to note that not all gemstones are the same. Some gemstones are harder, like diamonds, and others are soft like turquoise. The instructions below are for general use and we encourage researching the specifics of your gemstone if you are unsure.

  • Use a bowl to clean your studded jewellery as gems may become loose over time and it is possible to lose a gemstone down the drain
  • As a rule of thumb, do not soak your gem studded jewellery as some gems will lose their shine if soaked in water
  • Most gemstones are fine with gentle soap and water, in a bowl, using a soft brush (baby brush/toothbrush) with light strokes for a gentle clean
  • It is very important not to be rough with gemstones as some can be scratched if scrubbed too hard

Pro Tip: Gemstones can become loose from the settings over time and use, check you studded jewellery regularly. If concerned take the item to a jeweller you trust for repair. You don’t want to lose your gem! If you are in the GTA, Ontario, check out Louro and Sons Jewellers for dependable service.


We all do this, take off our precious jewellery and drop the item(s) on the dresser or in a jewellery box in a bunch. We discussed how to wear and clean your jewellery and now here is how to store your jewellery to keep it looking as gorgeous as when it was purchased.

  • Store items in a cool, dry place
  • Do not put items in the same storage, jewellery box unless partitioned apart
  • Different metals should not touch, for example: store silver next to silver, yellow gold plate with yellow gold plate, and rose gold platted items with rose gold plated jewellery
  • Different metals touching can cause discolouration, tarnishing and fading.

Pro Tip: Put each piece of jewellery in a sealed baggie. This will prevent metals touching, scratching of metals and gemstones, and prevent exposure to air when not being worn.
Most of all, enjoy your jewellery and Express the Art of You!